Cordless Grass Shears: Perfect for those Hard to Reach Places

Most homeowners not only like, but are expected to keep, a yard that is free of weeds and long grass. Because this requirement by more and more neighbourhoods, homeowners must have a tool in their arsenal that takes care of each and every yard chore. Cordless grass shears are by far one of the best tools to have, because you can take them anywhere and ensure your yard looks perfect at all times!


You will find that cordless grass shears are a great option if you need to get to difficult areas where a mower will not reach. If you have landscaped or raised flower beds, there may be grass growing around them that the lawn mower cannot take care of but is perfect for the cordless grass shears. You could easily trim the grass close to your flowers and shrubs without harming them and your walkways and patio areas won’t appear unkempt because the grass is growing longer.

What to Look for in Equipment

If you don’t know what to look for when shopping for cordless grass shears, you aren’t alone! Obviously, “cordless” means there is some type of battery used to provide unencumbered used around the yard. You will want to search for shears which provide the maximum amount of cutting per each battery charge. You will also want to look into the type of battery that the unit offers.

One of the more popular types of batteries on the market today is the nickel cadmium battery as it lasts the longest and is the safest to operate, as well. Of course, the higher the volt battery you choose, the longer your cordless grass shears will operate. For example, choosing a 3.6 volt battery will likely yield only 30 minutes of continuous cutting use but a 4.8 volt battery may provide will usually run for about an hour.

When shopping for your cordless grass shears, you will also want to ensure that you look for safety features. One feature you will want is a safety switch easily operated by your thumb and even an easy grip handle for ergonomic purposes. You want to inspect the blades of the shears to ensure that they are indeed stainless steel for maximum strength and life. An extendable handle and battery recharger are other necessities you may need for your cordless grass shears.

Cordless grass shears are a great option and should be in the garage of every homeowner who has difficult areas of the lawn. They are versatile in keeping your grass neatly trimmed so that your yard always looks great and your shrubs and flowers are protected.

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