Garden Tools
Garden Tools

Pick the Right Garden Tools

A garden will brighten any yard with vibrant flowers, fruitful plants and a palate of colours. Yet, it’s important to get the right garden tools. Purchasing high quality and appropriate garden tools will make your job easier and more productive.

A Helpful List of Garden Tools

There are a few basic tools that every gardener should have. These products will make working in your garden easier, while also enabling you to perform vital actions that will increase the health of your plants and the soil that nourishes them. If you’re just starting out, don’t think that the highest priced garden tools are the best. As you become more familiar with gardening, you will discover which type of tools are most needed and can then invest a little more in those particular ones. You may not need all of these tools immediately, and it might even be a good idea to borrow one or two from a neighbour to see if you find them helpful and comfortable to use.

Every gardener needs a shovel. This is necessary for turning the soil, digging holes for planting and filling in those holes. Ideally, the shovel should have a flat edge at the top of the blade. This creates a spot for your foot, which helps you to push the soil down and then back up. A similar garden tool is a trowel, but you will need to get on your knees to dig up the dirt. Rubber handles are usually easier to grip, but this will be a personal choice on your part. Wide, rounded blades move the soil faster and many models are designed to take the stress off your wrist.

Garden hoes make short work of those pesky weeds. A steel blade will slice through the soil quickly, taking some of the drudgery away from this job. You will need to choose a hoe based on the area that needs to be weeded. If you are working in a tight space, choose smaller blades. Rakes are also necessary garden tools. There are several types that are used in gardens. A typical yard rake can clear away the fall leaves before spring planting. Smaller, narrower rakes may be used around existing plants and shrubs. These may come with smaller handles and rake heads.

Various gardening tools in the garden

Watering cans and a hose round out this quick list of garden tools. Normal rainfall may not be enough for certain plants, so choosing a good-sized watering can is important. Be sure to pick up the can in the store and see how it feels. A quality watering can will balance in your hand because of the placement of the handle. Don’t get one too large that you won’t be able to lift it comfortably. As for hoses, the price usually reflects the quality, so buy the best you can afford.

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