Roger’s favourite garden tool: cordless pressure washer

I can’t live without a cordless pressure washer for my garden, What I mean to say is that I actually can’t just that since I’ve had one & I don’t think I can anymore :-). It’s been such a joy owning this cordless pressure washer honestly. I just don’t think I could go back to using the regular hose pipe and cleaning the old-fashioned way. I’ve just got so much more done, so much more quickly and I just feel like I should have written this post a long time ago to let the rest of the world know about the benefits of a cordless pressure washer!

It’s not fair to just keep this information selfishly to myself! I just don’t think you can get by life without a cordless pressure washer! Now, ok that might be a little bit dramatic but anyway, in this review I will let you know exactly all of the benefits that I received by having a cordless pressure washer and some of the things that have really helped me along the way.

How I found out about cordless pressure washers

It all started online with a quick search for pressure washers online and actually turned out I could have a battery powered cordless pressure washer which is amazing because I don’t like carrying and setting up hoses and leads which means that I don’t take up time of doing the necessary task each time. The other great thing is I don’t have to stop often or anything else because it’s all battery powered which means that everything’s pretty easy, I just turn my charger on and put water into the cordless pressure washer and away I go, cleaning on my garden pathways and patios.

Saving time with a cordless pressure washer.

I save so much time with cleaning down my garden patio and car in the front garden, as well as my pathways with a cordless pressure washer that its amazing! I actually basically get that job done that would normally take a the whole days, in just a few hours. Cleaning a decking can be done in just a couple of hours with a cordless pressure washer, it’s just so quick and easy you just literally pour down some detergent and then wait for half an hour, you get your scrubbing brush out if there’s anything really stuck on, but otherwise it’s just a simple case of going at it full blast with the cordless pressure washer.

I will say one thing though, the cordless pressure washer that I’ve been using isn’t quite as powerful as the electric corded version. I couldn’t comment on petrol but I assume petrol is even more powerful than the corded electric but either way, that’s not really my domain, I’m more interested in the fact that I think that when I use my corded pressure washer many years ago it seemed to have a little bit more power than this cordless one.

I think that’s to be expected though because it’s only a battery operated type and therefore there are some sacrifices to make. Overall though, I’m not exactly going to be stripping paint off the walls; therefore I don’t need that kind of heavy-duty power. I just need something that will help me get rid of the average everyday Staines. And certainly the WORX HYDROSHOT Pressure Washer that I’ve bought is an amazing piece of equipment and it does the job just find them removing anything that I need from decking for example

WORX HYDROSHOT Pressure Washer
WORX HYDROSHOT Pressure Washer

one of the biggest things that’s been most useful to me actually is cleaning the conservatory, you wouldn’t believe how big the surface area of glass in the conservatory is by hand!

With a cordless pressure washer simply blast away. One of the other things that really helps me when I climbed up onto the roof of the conservatory was I am able to really blast out all of the leaves and rubbish out the guttering really easily. It was just a simple case of turning on full blast and away I went, I just simply removed all the leaves and guttering so it actually did some maintenance around the garden as well as just cleaning with it!

Overall I’ve saved a lot of time and by the way that made a bit of mess on the floor, but obviously that’s not a problem we just cleaned up afterwards. It was certainly an awful lot better than having a stuffed blocked gutter and not having the rain down the side of the glazing was handy too. It was leaving the windows looking dirty almost instantly. So cleaning roof with the cordless pressure washer was really easy to do. It was just a simple case of giving it a good blast down and going over with one of those window cleaner wipers.

Having a cordless pressure washer is a massive bonus because it doubles as a watering can too

The biggest shock of having a cordless pressure washer was the fact that I can actually get the watering in the garden done with it as well. They doubled up on the low pressure amazingly you could actually get a setting that is just designed to water the garden. This means that you can double up as a water can or watering system if you like, and you simply don’t have to have a long hosepipe, you just carry it to the designated area and there you go, instant watering.

Given that the washer only carries about 20 litres of water it’s totally manageable and it doesn’t mean that it’s all that heavy. The other great thing is as soon as you get the location you can put it down and with the actual hose of the cordless pressure washer itself, you can extend away from the bucket of water which means you don’t have to carry it too far and too often at all. I really can’t stress enough how much of an impact cordless pressure washers have made on my life, as mine is so easy for me to get on with all of the chores and day to day tasks in the garden. It’s just simply my favourite garden tool now and I really don’t think that I’d be able to get on in life without one. I think you should purchase one of these amazing pieces of kit and I hope that you get the same satisfaction enjoy having your garden as I have from my cordless pressure washer.

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