Speeches & Articles

Cool thinking on Climate ChangeJaguar Driver – September 2012
May I point out a key issue in the climate debate: mean global temperatures have increased only about 0.7°C in the last hundred years (and even this figure may be exaggerated by the Urban Heat Island effect).

“Green jobs” destroy real jobsPlenary Speech – Thursday, 5th July 2012
The Rio Summit failed utterly, as did Copenhagen and Cancun before it. We have to ask why. The truth is that no one believes in climate change any more. There has been no global warming for fifteen years. Sea levels are not rising significantly. Countries like India, China and the USA will not sacrifice economic progress for a speculative and alarmist theory of climate change. And our European taxpayers will no longer pay for it.

Cameron “best federalist outside eurozone” – Guy VerhofstadtPlenary Speech – Wednesday, 13th June 2012
Mr Verhofstadt, surely it is time to realise that the Euro has failed, the European Union has failed and the solution is to start to dismantle both. why do you call for more Europe when you are surrounded by the ruin of Europe? Why are you trying to reinforce failure?

Commissioner Tajani’s lack of insightPlenary Speech – Thursday, 10th May 2012
Can I ask the commissioner whether all this talk of growth is not just a panic knee=jerk reaction to recent elections in France and in Greece and can I ask whether the commissioner has any realistic ideas for addressing the problem.

Women and Climate ChangePlenary Speech – Thursday, 19th April 2012
This report represents an heroic attempt to link two of this parliament’s main obsessions, womens’ rights and climate change, but sadly it fails to achieve that objective.

Green EconomyPlenary Speech – Thursday, 15th March 2012
All over Europe we are sacrificing perfectly good coal-fired and nuclear power stations on the altar of environmentalism. We are trying to replace them with renewables. Wind turbines are blighting homes and communities and landscapes. Yet they deliver only an intermittent trickle of very expensive electricity.

What do local Tories think of Louise Mensch MP’s love of The Guardian?Conservative Home – Wednesday, 9th November 2011
Louise Mensch (née Bagshawe) has achieved a huge amount of airtime recently. She is of course the very model of a modern Conservative MP. Young(ish), a woman, a successful author, sitting on a small fortune made from her chick-lit ventures, married to the manager of a successful heavy metal band.

Meyer Report – Spanish Property RightsPlenary Speech – Wednesday, 13th September 2011
This otherwise excellent report omits any mention of the issue which has generated the highest number of petitions in recent years. This was the Spanish property issue. Hundreds of EU citizens from many countries have spent their life savings on dream properties in Spain, only to wake up one morning to find an eviction notice on the mat and a bull-dozer at the gate.

Making an Idol out of the EarthSunday, 9th April 2011
This is a sermon by Edward Spalton on the topic of climate change. The politician mentioned in the fourth paragraph is of course myself, and the panel discussion took place in Leicester Cathedral.

Croatia as a Candidate for EU MembershipPlenary Speech – Wednesday, 16th February 2011
I have spent some considerable time in Croatia and also taken pains to follow developments there. Croatia is a country which is characterised by endemic bribery, corruption, crony capitalism and unexplained wealth amongst the political classes. It lacks the basic infrastructure of a free society.