Straight Talking on Europe


by The Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH

This collection of speeches and letters by Roger Helmer will cheer the hearts of those who, in his words, hope that “We shall be a nation once again”.

Of course he will be denounced as a swivel eyed Europhobic extremist for nurturing such a thought. He will be condemned for telling the truth about the great corrupt conspiracy that is the European Union. As for his view that the United Kingdom – the fourth largest economy in the world – might be able to prosper without the deadweight of the dirigiste economies of Greece and Portugal or the flabby overmanned industries of Germany and France to prop it up, well that clearly marks him down as a traitor to the European nightmare.

I have no doubt that he will carry lightly the burden of detestation by the Eurofanatics and their gravy-train of Brussels hangers on. It will do him no harm with the British people. Those who read this book will recognise in Roger Helmer a calm and thoughtrul advocate of the right and capability of the British people to govern themselves.

Norman Tebbit.

This book was published in 2000 and is now out of print, but we have a few copies available. Contact me for further details.