Spading Fork

The Main Purpose of a Garden Spading Fork

There are many people who enjoy gardening. Studies also claim that those who putter around in the garden, planting and taking care of plants often have less stressful lives and are calmer. There are many gardening tools that are needed to be able to garden properly. One of these gardening tools is the garden spading fork.

Each gardening tool has its very own purpose. Some tools for the garden may have dual purposes while some have specific purposes, which is why they are seldom used but are useful when the right time comes. The garden spading fork is one of the more useful kinds of garden implements. Most of these kinds of garden tools are made from stainless steel or carbon steel so they will not rust or deteriorate fast especially since the garden means lots of soil and water that can affect metal.

What a Garden Spading Fork Looks Like

The garden spading fork has a handle at one end and several short prongs at the business end. These prongs of the garden spading fork are short and thick. Actually, this garden tool bears a remarkable resemblance to a pitchfork but the difference lies in the prongs. The prongs of the pitchfork are thinner, longer and round. They are also quite far apart from each other compared to the prongs of the garden spading fork. The prongs of the garden spading fork are closer to each other and shaped flat. Compared to a pitchfork, this garden implement also has a shorter handle with a grip the shape of a capital letter D at the end.

Uses of a Garden Spading Fork

The primary use of the garden spading fork is to specifically lift and loosen soil from the ground. It functions sort of like a shovel or a spade, hence the name garden spading fork. The thicker and closer prongs of this garden tool also ensure that it can carry a considerable amount of soil. The prongs also act as a sort of rake when loosening the soil in the garden or farm where the individual is working.

Another use of a garden spading fork is to lift root crops like potatoes or yams from the ground. Some other people also use this garden tool for many other purposes such as to rake smaller rocks from the soil and to dig up a hole if there is no shovel or spade.

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