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This section of the website is dedicated to keeping you informed about what’s going on in Brussels and Strasbourg, and how it could effect the East Midlands. Click on the headline to see the full article.

East Midlands MEP awarded Nobel Peace Prize Friday, 14th December 2012
East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer (along with hundreds of others) was today awarded the Nobel Peace Prize — or at least a chocolate replica.

EU Peace Prize “Brings award into disrepute”Friday, 12th October 2012
UKIP MEP Roger Helmer has joined with his Party Leader, Nigel Farage, in slamming the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union.

Ofgem statement confirms UKIP’s blackout warningFriday, 5th October 2012
Power regulator Ofgem has issued a statement warning that “an unprecedented combination of events” has “increased the threat to consumers’ energy supplies”, with the possibility of power shortages and blackouts as early as 2015. A key factor is the closure of coal-fired power stations to conform to the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive.

Why is the taxpayer funding Green lobbying?Tuesday, 19th June 2012
Latest research by the Taxpayers Alliance has disclosed that major environmentalist groups have received nearly €100 million via EU funding since 1997 under the LIFE+ programme. Britain’s contribution to this figure is around £7.5 million which could rise if the EU’s plans to increase its budget are not vetoed. Over 19 groups have received more than £1 million in subsidies, including Friends of the Earth, the recipients of £6 million, who brought legal action against the British Government over cuts in solar subsidies

Greece can’t deliver on austerityMonday, 18th June 2012
Responding to the Greek election result, East Midlands UKIP MEP Roger Helmer has warned that Greece can’t deliver. “Let’s be clear”, he says. “The Greeks have voted by a narrow margin to endorse a commitment which they are totally unable to fulfil. Greece is in a debt spiral. The Greek economy is shrinking. Tax revenues are in free fall. The economic plans approved by the EU and insisted on by Germany are simply undeliverable

Cameron “The best federalist outside the Eurozone”Thursday, 14th June 2012
A prominent MEP and former Prime Minister of Belgium, speaking in the European parliament in Strasbourg today, has described Prime Minister David Cameron as “The best Federalist outside the Eurozone”

MEP demands enquiry into RSPCA’s politically motivated prosecutionsTuesday, 15th May 2012
Roger Helmer MEP, UKIP Member of Parliament for the East Midlands, has today written to the Charity Commission to call for an investigation into the apparently political activities of the RSPCA, which appears to be in breach of its charitable status.

New Team, New Office for MEPWednesday, 9th May 2012
East Midlands MEP, Roger Helmer has taken lease of a new office, choosing to stay in the Leicestershire town of Market Harborough. The office, which is on the main Leicester Road, offers an ideal location from which Roger can engage with the concerns of his constituents

MEP Demands Action over BMI Pensions FiascoWednesday, 9th May 2012
East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer, UKIP’s Spokesman for Energy & Industry, has today written to Steve Webb MP, Minister for Pensions, on behalf of constituents and former employees of the nairline BMI, who will suffer serious losses on their pensions as a result of the recent sale of BMI to International Airlines Group (British Airways). British Midland Airways, formerly owned by Deutsche Lufthansa, has told existing BMI pensioners that changes are being made ahead of the takeover.

Roger Helmer MEP meets Canine Partners charityWednesday, 21st March 2012
Earlier this week Roger Helmer MEP, who represents the East Midlands regions, was invited to Champneys Springs Health Farm at Measham for a demonstration by the charity Canine Partners, and a presentation on their major new project, a new dog training centre at Fields Farm, Osgathorpe near Ashby-de-la-Zouche in Leicestershire.

Time for a new look at beer taxWednesday, 14th March 2012
New UKIP MEP for the East Midlands Roger Helmer calls on Chancellor George Osborne to reduce the beer tax in the next Budget. Britons now pay 40% of all the beer tax in the EU — but drink only 13% of the beer! Time for a Change.

Dismay at prospect of ‘EU-wide tax’Thursday, 23rd February 2012
Roger Helmer, MEP for the East Midlands region, has spoken out in support of his ECR colleague, Kay Swinburne who is the Conservative spokesman on economic and monetary affairs in the European Parliament, as she expressed her dismay over news that the introduction of an EU-wide tax rate may have come a step closer.

East Midlands MEPs back bikers’ EU protestWednesday, 22nd February 2012
Yesterday East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer met with Derbyshire Motorbike Action Group, to discuss their growing concerns about European legislation affecting the biker world and industry. >Motorbike Action Group representative Paddy Tyson contacted all five East Midlands’ MEPs to discuss their worries about the European Commission’s proposal for New ‘Type Approval’ Rules and the impact these would have on motorbike enthusiasts in the East Midlands and beyond.

EU Commission massages its figures on Financial Transaction Tax Monday, 6th February 2012
The European Commission’s decision to rewrite its own damning impact assessment on proposals for a Financial Transaction Tax – so that it is more favourable towards the proposal – is a clear indication it is putting its political agenda above jobs and growth, Roger Helmer MEP said, as he spoke in support of his colleague, Kay Swinburne MEP.