East Midlands MEPs back bikers’ EU protest

Yesterday East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer met with Derbyshire Motorbike Action Group, to discuss their growing concerns about European legislation affecting the biker world and industry.

Motorbike Action Group representative Paddy Tyson contacted all five East Midlands’ MEPs to discuss their worries about the European Commission’s proposal for New ‘Type Approval’ Rules and the impact these would have on motorbike enthusiasts in the East Midlands and beyond. Besides Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP Derek Clark also attended the meeting.

Motorbike enthusiasts and independent repairers are concerned about the possible introduction of anti-tampering equipment, mandatory ABS on high-powered bikes, and on-board diagnostics, and severe limitations on modifications.

Both Mr Helmer and Mr. Clark undertook to oppose these measure in the European parliament. Speaking after the meeting in the Anchor Hotel, Tideswell, Mr Helmer said:

“It is outrageous that Brussels is laying down the law on these detailed issues, making life difficult for bikers and independent repairers and enthusiasts in the UK.

“My colleague in the ECR Group, Malcolm Harbour MEP, who is the chairman of the important Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee in Brussels, has been doing great work in trying to stop the EU from interfering any more than they have to. He has also called for an additional Impact Assessment on these proposals, which has shown that this regulation will indeed harm industry, with costs exceeding benefits and in some cases, no benefit at all.

I think we have to put a stop to this nonsense and fight for individuals to retain their right to pursue their hobbies and undertake essential work, such as simply modifying their motorbikes to accommodate their needs or lifestyle.”